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Dry Variety Drinks

Founded in London Ontario, Dry Variety Drinks is a premium non-alcoholic beverage retailer. Whether your preference is wine, spirits, or beer we have the alcohol-free beverage for you! Say goodbye to hangovers and enjoy the rich flavour of your favourite drink without the alcohol.

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Sobrii 0-Gin Non-Alcoholic | 750mL
Sobrii 0-Gin Non-Alcoholic | 750mL
Sale price$35.00
Copper Plated Double Jigger
Copper Plated Double Jigger
Sale price$24.99
Extra Large Lead-Free Crystal Cocktail Glasses | Set of 2
Dry Variety's non-alcoholic drinks are bursting with full-bodied flavour, perfect for any occasion.

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What Does Non-Alcoholic Mean?

Alcohol-free beers, spirits and wines are made without alcohol or the alcohol is removed or reduced to almost zero during the production process. Non-alcoholic beverages have a ABV (alcohol by volume) under 0.5%.

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