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Experience the World of Dry Variety: Your Premier Destination for the Finest selection of Non-Alcoholic Wines, Spirits and Beer.

We're not just a bottle shop; we're a haven for those seeking premium, alcohol-free alternatives to elevate their drinking experience.

Discover the Dry Variety Difference:

🍷 Premium Non-Alcoholic Wines

🥂 Distinctive Non-Alcoholic Spirits

🍻 Crafted Non-Alcoholic Beers

Whether you explore our virtual storefront or visit our satellite bottle shop nestled within Annie's Chocolates in Hyde Park, London ON, we're here to indulge your palate with a meticulously curated collection.

But Dry Variety is more than just a destination; it's an experience. Join us for our exclusive tasting events and wine pairings, where we showcase the artistry behind our non-alcoholic selections. Sip, savor, and celebrate as we unlock the world of flavors and possibilities that our offerings bring.

Our mission is simple yet vital: to provide you with a dependable list of the most exquisite non-alcoholic adult beverages and ensure easy access to these gems. Trust Dry Variety to guide you on a journey of taste, refinement, and responsible enjoyment.

Cheers to a world of sophistication without the alcohol and welcome to Dry Variety, where exceptional non-alcoholic beverages meet unparalleled accessibility.

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