edenvale chardonnay non-alcoholic white wine


Edenvale Chardonnay | Non-Alcoholic Wine

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750 ml - <0.5% ABV - Australia - Vegan

A well balanced, deliciously smooth Australian Chardonnay characterized by fresh fruit aromas, and flavours of stone fruits with a hint of oak. Rich melon, citrus and apple flavours combined with some subtle oak characters add real complexity.

It's richer texture makes this fuller white wine varietal a great match for a variety of foods, especially poultry, pork, salmon, mild cheeses and creamy sauces.

Made from the finest quality South Eastern Australian wine grapes.  Advanced alcohol extraction technology is used to delicately remove the alcohol, preserving the healthy antioxidants, vitamins and varietal integrity.  

Pickup currently unavailable at 777 Hickoryridge Common

Edenvale Chardonnay | Non-Alcoholic Wine

777 Hickoryridge Common

Pickup currently unavailable

777 Hickoryridge Common
London ON N6G 5B3


Nutrition Facts per 100mL / 3.4oz
Alcohol: <0.5% ABV
Energy: 17.9 calories (75kj)
Protein: 0 g
Sodium: 28mg
Fat: <0.2 g
Carbohydrate: 5 g
– of which sugars: 3.9 g

Ingredients: De-alcoholized wine (94% approx), grape juice concentrate (6% approx),
preservative: (220) added, Antioxidant (300) Added

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