The Bottomless Champagne Brunch

The Bottomless Champagne Brunch


Ahhhh the BOTTOMLESS CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH...A promotion that targets mainly young women and glamorizes binge drinking…(things that make you say hmm???) 🤔⁠

Now don’t get me wrong, a few years ago I may have been at the front of the line without questioning the culture. 🤷🏻‍♀️⁠

I consider myself health and wellness conscious; I’m interested in fitness, nutrition and focused on personal growth by striving to be my best self…but the overconsumption of alcohol just didn’t seem to fit. ⁠

Since starting Dry Variety I’ve been inspired by many who choose to live “dry-curiously” and/or an alcohol free lifestyle and I have a new perspective. TBH, I don’t really align with these boozy occasions anymore. ⁠

Today my fav way to stumble out of a brunch is bright eyed 🤩, bushy tailed 🐿️, intoxicated on endorphins from real connections, clear conversations & ready to take on the day 💪🏻…rather than heading home to nap. 😴⁠

What if we still had these events just with NA options included? I’d be all over it!!! Would you??? 



⁠📸⁠ credit @eugenia_loli⁠

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